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2012 NFL picks against the spread: An easy pick for a bad football game

San Diego and Kansas City are not very good.

Peter Aiken

Ideally, on the Thursday Night Football game, you want to have two bitter rivals playing or a marquee matchup. That isn't the case tonight. Tonight you get the San Diego Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs, a rivalry, but not a bitter one, and the game is not marquee. It is more like the game you bury on the back page. So which way do you go if you want to wager on tonight, just for entertainment's sake?

As for the line, the Chiefs are 7.5 point underdogs. They are on the road. Up until this point in the season they have yet to even have a lead in regulation.

San Diego is by no mean a world beater. They are 3-4 and Philip Rivers has regressed in his play.

So which way do you go?

I think that the answer is still quite clear. Since San Diego still has talent on offense, they are playing at home and Kansas City is just plain awful, you have to give the points away and go with the Chargers, -7.5.