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ASU/Oregon mascot war is good for the rivalry

The ongoing battle between Puddles the Duck and Sparky has been not only fun for the fans, but a good promotional tool for college football.

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Fans love seeing the behind the scenes action of sports. That is something we always crave for. Seeing athletes, the people that work with the team and anyone else associated with our favorite squads doing something funny, lighthearted or otherwise is a good way to get to know your favorite team better.

That is why the ongoing feud between Puddles the Duck and Arizona State's Sparky is such a great one. Puddles, who announced his candidacy for President of the United States just a short while ago, posted the video below.

Sparky refuted the Duck's candidacy with his own negative campaign ad.

Not to be outdone, the Duck fired back with a less than professionally done video. The only thing that keeps people intrigued are the Oregon cheerleaders (or, at least, they look like cheerleaders) acting as secretaries.

And again, Sparky refutes with perhaps the funniest video of all...

This is not only great because of how funny it is, but because of how it promotes the sport and even pokes fun at the political process in our country today. If people that are not Oregon or Arizona State fans see these videos on YouTube or elsewhere, they may be more likely to watch the game to see the outcome next weekend.

So keep track of this ongoing debate between Sparky and Puddles. It is sure to get even more heated as election day draws closer.