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Daniel Hudson plans to be back sooner than later after Tommy John surgery

Daniel Hudson, after tearing his UCL in a game against the Braves last June, plans on coming back sooner than people think.

Kevin C. Cox - Getty Images

Daniel Hudson has never been the type of baseball player to hold back on what he says.

The young pitcher had some choice words on Friday after learning that his manager, Kirk Gibson, had basically set a timetable for his return. According to Gibson, he does not expect Hudson to return until at least next August after tearing his UCL in a game against the Braves last June.

Hudson was forced to undergo Tommy John surgery, which would usually take at minimum one year to repair. Depending on the athlete undergoing the procedure, that timetable may vary. Hudson is counting on just that.

Here is what he said via Twitter on Friday:

Never does a manager like when their players fire back at them, but I think Gibson may make an exception in this case.

Hudson is constantly discussing his rehabilitation and seems to be taking it very seriously, trying to repair his ligament as soon as possible. What he does not understand is that rehab can only do so good. Things like this take time.

So while we should admire Huddy wanting to get back on the mound, we shouldn't expect it until around the time Gibby suggested. All-Star break? Probably not. Try somewhere around the trade-waiver deadline of August 31st. That would seem more reasonable. It would be unwise for the staff to rush him back and based on what we have seen with their other players, that is the last thing they will do.

If he can prove me wrong, great. Then the D-Backs will be getting back another young, talented pitcher to add to their arsenal.