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What to do when all your teams are off?

This weekend is one of the rare ones where many local fans are given a "break" from sports and their teams.

This weekend is a weird one. The Diamondbacks are done. The Suns haven't quite started. The Cardinals played on Thursday and the Sun Devils have a bye. The Coyotes? They are locked out. Every single one of my favorites teams is idle this weekend.

This is something nice and troubling at the same time. When it comes to being a fan, especially if you have multiple sports you follow, it is difficult because you spend so much time rooting and watching.

So now the question is...what do you do?

There are of course silly things like yards and kids and family that needed attending to. But after the work is done? You can always go anti-fan and watch games of rivals and root against them.

You could do the non-football tailgate party -- when you all get together and eat as if your were at a football game, only you're not.

While I love my sports, it will be more relaxing. No more of the stressful worries of teams struggling or losing. I get to do my responsible stuff and then watch other games with no rooting interest. While it isn't as fun, there is a lot to be said for experience in more than just cheering and hooting and hollering.

So what will you be doing? I'll still be watching some football, but it won't be with the emotional mess that people can carry with them.