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NFL picks against the spread, week 5: Bears are solid, stay away from Vikings

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We give our picks against the spread for the Sunday late games.

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Rarely do I actually go back and tally up how well I did in the previous week, but that is only because I am 100% confident that I did awful. Without further adieu, here are my week five picks for the Sunday late games. As always, the lines come from Bovada.

Seattle Seahawks +3 vs. Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton's sophomore slump is in full effect and even though his team is at home this week, I am leaning towards the 'Hawks on this one. They sport a terrifying run and pass defense and with their athleticism, Newton won't be running out of the pocket for big gains. I'd take Seattle and the points for this game.

Chicago Bears -5 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars just aren't very good. With the impressive display the Bears put on during Monday Night Football against the Cowboys, I think this is a relatively easy pick. All they have to do is stop Maurice Jones-Drew and make Blaine Gabbert beat them. If they can accomplish that, it will be all gravy.

Tennessee Titans +6 vs. Minnesota Vikings

To be honest, this is a game I stay away from. Christian Ponder has been on fire over the past couple of weeks and they did beat the 49ers, but can he sustain that type of success? The Titans, meanwhile, have a pretty good defense and Chris Johnson is starting to regain his old form. Gun to my head, I take the Vikings at home, but in no way do I endorse that against Matt Hasselbeck and the Titans.

Denver Broncos +7 vs. New England Patriots

Is Peyton Manning back? Who knows. What matters is that the Patriots put up over 50 points against the Bills last week -- on the road. Now that they are back in Gillette, I am taking the Pats minus the points. Aaron Hernandez might be back and Wes Welker appears to be out of the doghouse.

Buffalo Bills +10 vs. San Francisco 49ers

Back at Candlestick, the 49ers should easily win this game. After all, they shut out the Jets on the road last weekend. They have one of the best defenses in the league against a very anemic offense. Can they cover the spread, though? I think they can. Take the 49ers minus the points.

San Diego Chargers +4 vs. New Orleans Saints

Call me crazy, but I think the Saints break out of their slump in this game. Drew Brees is chasing a record and playing his old team, which may cause him to see red. The Chargers are consistently overrated and Philip Rivers is not as 'elite looking' as he once was. Take the Saints minus just 4 points.