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NFL Picks against the spread, Week 5: Eagles, Chiefs are your upset picks

We look at the early Sunday games and give our wagering advice.

Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Another week, another terrible job by me. My suggestion is to start looking at my picks and picking the opposite. You will become rich!!!!! As always the Week 5 Sunday morning games previewed using lines from

Atlanta Falcons -3 @ Washington Redskins

I'm expecting a high scoring shootout. This is the game I'm looking forward to the most on Sunday. Atlanta's defense has more talent than the Redskins and will eventually make a play. Falcons win by a touchdown.

Pittsburgh Steelers -3.5 vs. Philadelphia Eagles

This game is strength verse strength. Pittsburgh's pass offense against the Eagles pass rush and outside corners is a difficult match-up. I don't think the Steelers offensive line will hold up and the Eagles will win the game.

Green Bay Packers -7 @ Indianapolis Colts

About three years from now this will be a game featuring two of the top 5-7 quarterbacks in the NFL. At this point Andrew Luck isn't ready for this shootout and the Colts don't have enough talent around. Green Bay builds off its win last week against the Saints and steamrolls the Indy.

New York Giants -9 vs. Cleveland Browns

I'm taking the Browns and going with the points. The Giants are not a good home team and historically lose one or two games a year they have no business losing. They don't lose, but this game is closer than people expect.

Cincinnati Bengals -4 vs. Miami Dolphins

I'm still not a believer in the Bengals this year and Miami is better than their record suggests. I actually like the Fins to win this game. Reggie Bush has a big game and the Dolphins close the game this week unlike in Week 4 when they played the Cardinals.

Baltimore Ravens -6 @ Kansas City Chiefs

I'm going with another surprise here, I like the Chiefs. I don't think the Ravens front seven can handle the speed of Jamaal Charles. If Matt Cassel can cut out the turnovers Kansas City has a chance to win this game.