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Arizona Cardinals interview: Heap responds to Dockett's call-out

After Darnell Dockett called out his injured teammates, Todd Heap responded with comments of his own.

Christian Petersen

After a 4-0 start, the Arizona Cardinals' ship has come crashing back to Earth, and some of the wreckage is spilling over into the locker room. Darnell Dockett talked to reporters about some of his injured teammates not being ready for game time Monday against the 49ers.

DE Darnell Dockett on some of his teammates not playing while hurt:

"Coach called out a lot of things [Monday] that I obviously wanted to say to some guys. He called out some guys in the training room we need on the field. We need them. We've got one more game before this bye week, and we've got to do whatever we have to do to win this game. By all means necessary. So we're gonna need some guys to suck it up and win this game, and they've got a whole week off. So hopefully that message rings a bell to a lot of players."

Tight end Todd Heap, who has played just 12 of a possible 24 games in his tenure with the Cardinals, is one of those players that missed Monday night's game against San Francisco. Out with a knee injury, Heap fired back after hearing Dockett's quotes.

Heap, on Dockett's comments:

"I don't know exactly who those comments are directed at. If they are directed at me, I hope he would come and talk to me. Now when there's an involuntary thing that happens that you can't play through, that's a different story.I don't think the whole training room or locker room deal is an issue with our team right now. I think it's more of guys just need to get out there and do their job. If I'm out there, I want to be helping the team and not putting myself at risk at the same time. Does it help to go out and limp off the field every other play? I don't think that's going to help our team right now."

The Cardinals have lost four straight games, most recently a 24-3 crushing on Monday Night Football at the hands of the division-leading 49ers. The schedule doesn't get any easier, either, with the Packers coming to town for a 1 p.m. ET game on Sunday. The locker room strife certainly won't help against Aaron Rodgers and an explosive Green Bay offense.