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John Skelton rightly to continue as starting quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals

At this point, what other options do they really have?

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Ken Whisenhunt announced to the press on Tuesday that John Skelton would remain the team's starting quarterback as they make the trip to Green Bay to play the Packers next Sunday. Skelton, despite what the stats say, struggled against the team's most recent loss to the San Francisco 49ers, failing to drive his team down the field for a touchdown.

So is keeping Skelton in the right plan? I say yes.

But don't get me wrong, I am not endorsing Skelton because I am a fan. I just don't see any other better options on the table for this season. Ryan Lindley is not ready and to throw him in right now would be a mistake. Behind the offensive line the Cardinals have, both his bones and his confidence would be shattered.

Re-signing Rich Bartel is an option, but is he really starting quarterback material? Can he do any better than Skelton? I really don't think so. We really haven't seen enough from him to judge.

As far as signing a free agent goes, no thanks. They would have to learn the playbook, which would take some time. Also, who is out there that could be considered better than Skelton? Donovan McNabb? David Garrard? No thanks.

For now, sticking with John Skelton is the right idea because it is the only idea. No other options seem feasible. But as long as Keviv Kolb is out and Skelton is at the helm, the Cardinals probably won't win many games.