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Phoenix Suns training camp preview: Marcin Gortat at media day

The Phoenix Suns training camp featured big man Marcin Gortat fielding questions at media day.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Phoenix Suns conducted their Media Day, and big man Marcin Gortat was one of the guys fielding the most questions. He answered many questions on a several subjects. You can check out the entirety of the press conference in the video below from SB Nation Arizona.

Gortat touched upon how cool life would be with his new big man partner Luis Scola.

"I'm a really big fan of Scola," said Gortat. "Back in the day I was watching him in Europe. When I was playing in Germany he was playing in Spain. I really thought back in Europe he was one of the best big men."

"He's a great passer. He can read the game very well. He's very smart," Gortat continued. "It's going to be a pretty good mix."

How will Gortat respond to playing without Steve Nash after he moved onto the Los Angeles Lakers?

"I'm not going to change my game at all," Gortat responded to questions about how his role would be different this season. "I'm going to try to prove that I'm a better post-up player this year than I was last year. I believe that 20 games in the offseason with the national team helped me."

Probably the funniest response came to this question: What did Gortat learn about being the go-to guy for the Polish national team?

"What I learned was that you've got to make a basket."

Gortat also says the Suns will be the new hustlers of the league, that they will maintain their run and gun style similar to when Nash was there, and he talks about defensive schemes, the potential of the defense with all the younger players on the roster, and various other questions regarding the start of the NBA season.