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Matt Williams would make a solid manager for the Colorado Rockies

Would Matt Williams make a good manager for the Colorado Rockies? Reports indicate that he is on their radar.

Tony Medina

News sprung up yesterday for the Diamondbacks that Matt Williams, the team's current third base coach, may be a candidate for the Colorado Rockies' open managerial position after Jim Tracy was fired. Although nothing has been reported as to Williams' interest in the job, he has noted many times in the past that he would want to be a big league manager one day.

And if the opportunity presents itself, I think he would make one heck of a manager.

First of all, his demeanor would do wonders for such a young, but often misguided team. He has always been a 'lunch pail' type of player and person, much like D-backs skipper, Kirk Gibson. Williams would demand the best out of his young team and even if they don't win a lot of games, they will play hard in each and every one of them.

Matt Williams has even worked with star player Carlos Gonzalez before when he was the interim manager for the Mobile Baybears in 2007. He would have a strong familiarity with the staff due to playing against them multiple times per year, studying up on their tendencies and knowing how to play to their strong suits.

It also behooves him that he is such an intricate piece of the Diamondbacks' staff. Think he watches the D-backs pitchers and infielders with a steady eye during each game? If he were to join the Rockies, he would be able to bring that experience to them that they could use against the NL West opponent Diamondbacks.

The one area that I could see him struggling with would be the pitching aspect. The Rockies have one of the worst starting rotations in the league and to think that Williams could shore that up anytime soon may be a bit farfetched. Does he have the discretion to decide which pitchers would fit and which wouldn't coming out of spring training? These are questions that could inevitably prevent him from getting the job.

So while many (including myself) have questioned Williams' ability to coach third base, I think he would be a great manager. He does not have a ton of experience, but his personality and familiarity with the team make him a great candidate. Does he end up in the Mile High City? Who knows. But if the Rockies are deciding between a few options, he should be their choice.