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Cheer for Wildcats? It feels bad, but Sun Devil fans should do it this week

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A Wildcats win actually a good thing for the Devils.

Christian Petersen

If you are a true fan of the Arizona State Sun Devil football team, there is nothing about the team a couple hours south that they support. The fact that they wear blue and red, the colors of the nation's flag, is offensive. Outside a Sun Devils win, nothing is more satisfying than a Wildcats loss.

However, this Saturday is a rare moment in which fans must put their distaste aside for the good of their team.

If ASU is to win the Pac-12 South, a win by the Arizona Wildcats over the USC Trojans is a good thing. ASU has to travel to California to play USC, which is one of those games that you really, really want toe Devils to win but know it is not likely. Since that is the case, you want USC to have two conference losses. Arizona already has three. ASU has one.

If it happens to be that the Devils can't beat USC on the road, then if the Trojans had lost to Arizona, USC and ASU would both be at the top of the division with two losses.

In fact, an Arizona win would make it possible, should ASU only lose to USC and should the Wildcats not lose again before the two in-state rivals have their Duel in the Desert, that game could actually determine the Pac-12 South champ, giving the winner a berth in the Pac-12 Championship game.

That game in Tucson would be nuts. It is important enough for both teams just to have bragging rights. Imagine adding a title on the line.

So while it might feel wrong and it might make your stomach churn, if you are an ASU fan, you have to be open to the fact that an Arizona Wildcats win is actually a good thing.

For one afternoon, one day, be okay with the idea of that team down in that one town near Mexico actually needs to win.

On Sunday, once the games are done, then let the abhorrence resume as if it never stopped.