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UFC fighter Cain Velasquez visits ASU wrestling team

The former UFC heavyweight champion stopped by ASU wrestling practice Tuesday to deliver some words of encouragement to the Sun Devils.

Cain Velasquez chats with a friend at ASU Tuesday.
Cain Velasquez chats with a friend at ASU Tuesday.
Jose M. Romero

Cain Velasquez's media blitz to promote UFC 155 in December brought the former UFC heavyweight champion from Yuma, Ariz. back to his home state Tuesday, and Velasquez stopped at Arizona State University's wrestling room to talk with members of the current team.

Velasquez is about two months away from a rematch with Junior Dos Santos in Las Vegas on Dec. 29, where he hopes to win back the heavyweight title he lost to Dos Santos last November.

Velasquez, 30, won the Pac-12 heavyweight individual title in 2005 and 2006 and was an NCAA All-American in those years. He talked to the wrestlers about wearing "the maroon and gold with pride," among other things.

"It's good just to come back and talk to the guys and just see where they're going with career, and try to give them words of encouragment," Velasquez said.

He talked about coming back to campus in this video:

Velasquez looks forward to getting his title shot again, but Tuesday was about sharing his experiences with them.

"Being in a wrestling program, we're competing and we're training with each other every day for so many hours, so you just get a strong bond with certain people," he said.

Velasquez posed for photos, signed autographs and watched team practice on Tuesday.