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Diamondbacks vs. Rockies: Lineups, end of season reflections and more

The Arizona Diamondbacks host the Colorado Rockies tonight for their second to last game of the season, hoping that with two more wins, they can cross the .500 plateau for good. The club is currently 80-80 and will need to win their last two games to avoid an even record.

Outside of that, it is business as usual for the D-Backs. They will not be headed to the postseason this year, but that does not mean they won't keep trying to win. Each and every player seems committed to finishing the season strong, including pitcher Wade Miley.

During Monday night's game, Miley entered the seventh inning giving up just one run and already having set a career high in strikeouts with nine. Manager Kirk Gibson was hesitant in letting him go out and continue to pitch, but after talking to Miguel Montero and "politicking" with Miley, he felt that he "earned it" to stay out longer. It didn't end well for Arizona, but that is a testament to how hard these guys continue to work despite there being little to play for in the way of postseason play.

Gibson all made a case for Miley to be the National League Rookie of the Year and he didn't have to say much. "The record speaks for itself," Gibson said before Tuesday's game. "I know that if you go out and compare numbers over rookie years, his numbers are very, very good. If he would have won last night, it would have been him and [Justin] Verlander as the only rookies to have 17 [wins].

"He has almost 200 innings, he has less than 40 walks, 150's in strikeouts probably and 190 some innings. He's been very dominant, he's been very consistent."

Gibson also reflected on the season by saying that he thinks "it would have been a different season for us" if Chris Young had not gotten hurt early in the year. He was hitting .455 from the plate before injuring his shoulder on a spectacular catch in the outfield. Since then, he just hasn't been the same. What we do know is that this may be the last time Gibson gets to reflect on CY as a Diamondback, as many believe he will be traded this offseason.

As for Gibson's plans after their season ends Wednesday, he said that he may go see his old friend Bob Melvin and the Oakland Athletics in a playoff game this weekend. Asked on whether or not he would go to Detroit to visit them and if he received an invitation, Gibson seemed to laugh it off. "Why would they? I'm a Diamondback," he said. "Tigers don't like snakes."

Here are tonight's lineups:


Josh Rutledge (2B)

Tyler Colvin (CF)

Jordan Pacheco (1B)

Wilin Rosario (C)

Andrew Brown (RF)

DJ LeMahieu (3B)

Charlie Blackmon (LF)

Jonathan Herrera (SS)

Jhoulys Chacin (P, 3-5, 4.78)


Gerardo Parra (CF)

Aaron Hill (2B)

Justin Upton (RF)

Miguel Montero (C)

Paul Goldschmidt (1B)

Jason Kubel (LF)

Chris Johnson (3B)

John McDonald (SS)

Patrick Corbin (P, 6-8, 4.77)