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Phoenix Suns media day: Jared Dudley to have more dunks than Luis Scola?

The senior Suns player has a goal of 17 this season.

Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

SB Nation Arizona and Bright Side of the Sun were at Phoenix Suns Media Day on Monday and got to talk to a few players. Jared Dudley was one of them. He isn't the most athletic player and has set goals for dunks the past two seasons. He spoke to Bright Side and other media members about it.

In 2011-12, Dudley's goal for in-game dunks doubled to 20 but he didn't come close. Again, he had more dunks in the second half of the season but still barely cracked 10 (if even that). We'll give him a pass, since the season was only 66 games after all.

His goal in 2012-13? 17. That seems reasonable. Certainly more so than what he said next.

When asked if Luis Scola, a 6-9 forward, is his biggest competition for dunks, he said no way. That's worth a chuckle.

Now Scola isn't a high-flying player, but he does play around the basket more and his is taller.

What is even funnier is that we are talking about these two players and competing for dunks. With Michael Beasley, Markieff Morris, Marcin Gortat and Wes Johnson all much more athletic, what makes more sense is to talk to THEM about dunks and not the forward that has a goal of 17.

Will Dudley get it? Probably. Will it be more than Scola? I won't answer that one.