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Ken Whisenhunt press conference notes

At Coach Whisenhunt's Monday press conference, he covered what he believes to be the reason behind the recent success of the team, how they need to be even better, and receiver Andre Roberts.

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

At his press conference on Monday, Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt said the success his team has had so far is attributed to team chemistry. The Cardinals have been working to get the 'right mix of guys' in the room. Right now, there is the 'right mix of talent and leadership' among his players. This bond began to form with his players towards the end of the prior season and it carried through the off-season.

While the team is a perfect 4-0, Coach Whisenhunt is happy with the way his players are performing. Yet, he doesn't believe this current level play will be enough to keep the Cardinals successful. That ideal level is not somewhere his team is even close to right now. Part of the growth will need to come with the run game. He was not pleased with the run game against Miami.

When asked about receiver Andre Roberts, Whisenhunt remarked on how well the player has done so far. He sees that Roberts is getting more chances to make plays and is successful when he does.