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Should the Arizona Diamondbacks inquire about Alex Rodriguez?

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With the Yankees looking to rid of Alex Rodriguez and his contract, should the Arizona Diamondbacks come calling?

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One of the biggest weaknesses for the Arizona Diamondbacks this past season came at third base. As a collective whole, the platoon of players that played at the hot corner hit a collective .239, which by no means is an acceptable average. The D-Backs thought they scored big with the trade for Chris Johnson, but it does not appear that he can remain the team's everyday third baseman. Ryan Wheeler is still developing and Matt Davidson may be a little while away from a call up to the big leagues.

So who on earth could the Diamondbacks get that could be a productive third baseman? What about one of the best to ever play the position, Alex Rodriguez?

It seems that the New York Yankees will look to deal A-Rod this winter after having a less than stellar season in 2012. This may not be easy to do, as Rodriguez is still owed $114 million over the next five years, according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, but there is the thought that the Yanks may be willing to pay most or even all of it to rid of him.

I think you know where I am going with this by now: what about a union between the D-Backs and Rodriguez? The team is always looking for ways to increase ticket sales and Rodriguez would immediately do that. Also, he fills a need for the team and if one of the best players to ever play the game can find his swing again, the Diamondbacks will have a steal on their hands. If not, it could be an absolute disaster.

Think about the last time the Yankees got rid of a struggling player and paid his whole salary to do so. A.J. Burnett has all of a sudden become the ace of the Pirates staff and had an excellent bounce back season for the Buccos. Why couldn't A-Rod do the same?

While his personality may collide with the stern leadership of manager Kirk Gibson, it may be worth the gamble. Again, if he can return to the A-Rod of old, the Diamondbacks could become a contender in the NL West once again. The odds he does that may be slim, but if the Yankees are willing to pay his whole salary, why not give it a shot?

Call me crazy, insane, or whatever you want. The fit is there, the motivation is clear and the opportunity will present itself this winter. The Diamondbacks should be one of the first teams to call if one of the greatest players of all time should become available.