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Arizona Diamondbacks offseason: Who should stay and who should go?

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

This offseason has some important decisions for the Arizona Diamondbacks. They have a crowded outfield and no one really to play shortstop or third base everyday. What should they do? Who should stay and who should go?

They need to stay, position players:

These are mostly no-brainers. Paul Goldschmidt isn't going anywhere. Neither are Aaron Hill or Miguel Montero.

I want to go on the record and say what most already think. Moving Justin Upton is a bad idea. He needs to stay.

Since the team is planning on obtaining a shortstop and maybe a third baseman, Willie Bloomquist and John Mcdonald both won't be on the roster next year. One of them will stay. Make that Johnny Mac. He is not the offensive threat, but you want a good defensive guy off the bench to come in late in games in the infield. Plus he can play multiple positions.

Of the outfielders not named Upton, the one guy you have to keep around is Adam Eaton. He has the upside, the energy and he can give the team its first bona fide leadoff hitter since Tony Womack.

I also say that catcher Wil Nieves needs to come back. The organization doesn't have anyone worth bringing up. Nieves hit well and has been a starter, so if Montero were to go down, Nieves is more than able to step in.

They need to stay, relievers:

I'm going to ignore the starters because none are going anywhere. Ian Kennedy and Trevor Cahill will be back, Daniel Hudson is not going to be back for a while after elbow surgery. Wade Miley will be back. The rest of the rotation will be filled by competing youngsters.

Brad Ziegler needs to be retained. David Hernandez has to come back. The rest are moving parts.

They need to go, position players:

If the team is going to go get a shortstop, Willie Bloomquist needs to be traded. He is under contract for another year and his bat gives him value.

Chris Johnson isn't the answer at third. He did not show the power nor the defense they need.

Chris Young must be moved. He just isn't productive enough and he will keep Adam Eaton out of the lineup. Additionally, he is not versatile enough to play as the fourth outfielder.

Either Jason Kubel or Gerardo Parra needs to go. A.J. Pollock has nothing left to prove in the minors, he is fast, he is great in the field and he can play multiple outfield positions. He will be the fourth outfielder. So either Parra goes or Kubel. Both have value. If the team picks up power on the left side of the infield -- good power, then you keep Parra for his defense. If you don't get anyone for the left side of the infield that has power, then you keep Kubel. Kubel's slump down the stretch I think was the result of playing only 99 games in 2011 and then hitting a wall in 2012.

Catcher Henry Blanco has been great. But Miguel Montero has taken the next step in his development. He no longer needs the veteran backup to mentor him. Montero is that veteran.

They need to go, pitchers:

Takashi Saito? Sayonara. Mike Zagurski? Take your belly with you. Matt Lindstrom, Brad Bergesen, Matt Albers? They don't need to go, but they don't need to stay.

Wild Cards:

There is a very intriguing group of players that could go, depending on other factors. J.J. Putz is one of those players. Is David Hernandez ready to take over the closing job? If there is any doubt, bring back Putz.

Ryan Wheeler is going to be in the organization. He tore up minor league pitching. He will probably be the backup corner infielder at least, since he plays both third and first base. He may also be used as trade bait. If that is the case, it could open the door for Mike Jacobs to return.