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Cardinals vs. Bills: LaRod Stephens-Howling set to get bulk of carries

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With Beanie Wells and Ryan Williams both on injured reserve, the Cards now turn to their situational player for more than just situations.

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

When Beanie Wells and Ryan Williams both went down with injuries, most people thought that the running game for the Arizona Cardinals would be shot. However, it isn't necessarily the case. The team will turn to a trio of running backs -- LaRod Stephens-Howling, William Powell and Alfonso Smith, but it would appear that Stephens-Howling (LSH) will be the guy to get most of the carries.

LSH has done it before. In Week 17 last season against the Seattle Seahawks, he carried the ball 21 times for 93 yards.

It just hasn't been much more than that. He has always been considered a situational player and, especially because of his size, most feel he cannot take the pounding of playing every down.

He missed the past two games with a hip injury, but it looks like he is set to go.

Said coach Ken Whisenhunt to the media after practice on Wednesday, referring to LSH. "He looked a lot better today. He actually did some stuff in practice. He's been doing some limited things, but it was nice to see him participate fully and he looked good."

Is Whiz confident in LSH? "Yes," he said. "I remember back to one of the St. Louis games last year or the year before where he got a lot of carries in that game and had a very productive day. Yes, I have a lot of confidence in LaRod doing that. There's certainly proof that he did it. He did it against a good defense in the Seattle game last year. He looked good doing it. I'm, excited to see him in this opportunity."

The game Whiz referred to against the Rams was Week 1 in 2010. He carried he ball seven times for 49 yards. Aside from the Seattle game last season, it was the only time in his career to get more than five carries in a game.

His limited role is not what he really wants. He is a runner and wants the ball. He told Darren Urban a chance for more carries "is what you dream about.That's what I want."

He will get his chance it appears. The team is not saying how the carries will be divided up, but based on what Whisenhunt said in being "excited to see him in this oopportunity," LSh is going to be option number one.