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Arizona Cardinals, Week 6: DT Nick Eason talks mother, Breast Cancer Awareness

The NFL has been honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month with pink accessories, and it carries special meaning for Cardinals defensive tackle Nick Eason.

Jennifer Stewart-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

It's not hard to notice the pink all over NFL fields this month, as the league and its cast of tough guys don the most feminine of colors in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. For Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Nick Eason, the special shoes, wrist bands and towels mean a whole lot more this season.

Eason talked with recently about the significance of the pink apparel, as he lost his mother to breast cancer just two months ago:

"This month," he said, "is a lot more meaningful to me."

The 10th-year veteran missed parts of training camp to tend to his ailing mother but knows his teammates can still rely on him to perform on the field. The tackle has started one game, recording four tackles in helping the Cardinals to a 4-1 start:

"(The team) has to know, can they count on me?" Eason said. "I was like, ‘Yes, they can count on me.’ Some of the coaches are probably thinking, ‘How is this guy doing it?’"

If any of Eason's Cardinals teammates can understand what he is going through, it is wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. The Pro Bowler lost his own mother to breast cancer while playing at the University of Pittsburgh.

Both players will have the chance to honor their mothers and all those battling breast cancer as they take on the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.