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Kevin Kolb very 'off and on' against the Dolphins

Kevin Kolb had his share of 'what in the world' and 'this guy is amazing' against the Miami Dolphins

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

To characterize Kevin Kolb's performance with one word would be a mistake. But with two words, I think I can manage.

Kolb was 'hot' and he was 'cold' against the Dolphins on Sunday, throwing for 324 yards, 3 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. He moved the ball at times, making miraculous throws to put the ball in the end zone. And in others, he gave the ball to the other team or made the offense look flat out stagnant.

Take the fourth quarter, for example. You have Kolb's throw to Andre Roberts that ends up tying the game to take it to overtime, but was that throw really necessary in the first place? He wouldn't have had to be spectacular if he didn't make such a bonehead play in giving the ball away to Sean Smith in the end zone just minutes before. Throw the ball away, live to see another down.

Granted, Kolb was getting pressured all day. The offensive line did little in the way of protecting him from the hulking 300 pound linemen chasing him, but not all of it was their fault. Kolb was often seen holding the ball for far too long and making passes that were downright inappropriate.

On the stat sheet, it looks like he had a wonderful game. And if you didn't watch, then there would be no reason to disagree with that. Watching it through and through tells a different story. He never would have been in the position to throw for that many yards or touchdowns without the turnovers and late game heroics.

But hey, at least he is becoming a true Cardinal now. He sure made that game interesting when it didn't have to be. The Cardinals are just glad he played well when he absolutely had to.