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2012 NFL Picks Against The Spread, Week 4: Look For Cowboys To Win And Cover

Tim Heitman-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Monday night's matchup between the Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys should be entertaining, if only for the simple reason that someone will come out of this game 3-1.

It looks and feels like the Cowboys will be that team. They're at home, their defense should shut down inconsistent Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and their offense has big-play potential in DeMarco Murray and Tony Romo and his host of targets.

The Bears will keep it close with a strong pass rush, but Cutler is a gunslinger who is prone to making mistakes, and those will cost the Bears a shot at a road victory. The Cowboys are three-to-four-point favorites and they'll cover, but will probably need about 24 points to do so.

Going to 3-1 is a good sign -- according to ESPN, since 1990, teams that are 3-1 go to the playoffs almost 65 percent of the time. So either Dallas or Chicago will be feeling pretty good about their future when the game is over.

Picking the Cowboys is no reach, but I have guessed correctly on my last two MNF picks (Atlanta and Seattle at home). Let's see if three's a charm.