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NFL Playoffs Picks, Predictions And Schedule: Steelers Will End Tim Tebow's Magical Season

The 2012 NFL Playoffs Wildcard Weekend finishes on Sunday with two of the better games. Saturday featured the Bengals and Texans and Lions and Saints while for Sunday we get to pick against Tim Tebow. The Vegas odds-makers are clearly thinking along the same lines we are, with lines set just at the edge of reasonable. We'll take that challenge like Ben Roethlisberger playing on a bum ankle and give our picks against the spread.

Atlanta Falcons at New York Giants (-3): Neither of these teams have had consistent seasons and the Falcons had a fairly easy schedule. Both teams are above average offensively lead by their passing attack and both are in the bottom half of the league on defense. Eli Manning, obviously, is the more experienced quarterback and playing at home should provide enough of an edge to beat Atlanta by roughly three-points. Since the line is exactly three points, that means a coin toss with the winner going to the Giants basis on New York bias. Pick: Giants

Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos (+8): The shine was already coming off the Tim Tebow turd before the Broncos got matched up with the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers in the playoffs. It's a shame the NFL rules put this game in Denver, but it won't matter much. The Broncos defense that was really the key to Tebow's meteoric rise has also contributed to his fall from grace. They gave up 81 combined points to the Bills and Pats before a minor redemption in holding the Chiefs to seven points. The Steelers will dominate all parts of this game and the eight point line isn't nearly big enough. Pick: Steelers

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