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Super Bowl 2012: Rob Gronkowski's Ankle Sprain Is Still 'Day To Day'

Rob Gronkowski has taken over the Super Bowl - and he isn't even sure he'll play in it.

The sprained left ankle that is the talk of media day today in Indianapolis is taking its time healing. There are steps forward but we won't know for sure of his status until gameday. For now, Gronk is answering questions like a classic New England Patriot, according to's Mike Reiss.

"I don't know yet (if I'll be able to play Sunday)," Gronkowski told a throng of reporters at Lucas Oil Stadium. "We're going day by day. Making new steps every day, feeling better every day. That's a positive sign and you just want to keep going in the right direction. I want to be out there with the team obviously. I want to help out the team obviously. Just taking it step by step, getting better every single day."

One good sign was that Gronk no longer is wearing a walking boot and is calling the sprain "nagging, sore."

In an offense centered around two tight end sets, Gronk's availability is paramount to the success of the Patriots offense. This season, Gronk grabbed 90 receptions for 1,327 yards and 17 touchdowns, the latter two being tight-end records. He'll be missed if he's not on the field.

"No one is as tough as him, he makes our offense go," said Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. "Hopefully we have him out there."