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Cardinals' Patrick Peterson Factors in Pro Bowl Second Quarter

Maybe if it was OK to rush the quarterback with fervor, there wouldn't be so many touchdown passes in the Pro Bowl. Nevertheless, the NFL All-Star Game is a QBs-to-receivers showcase and Sunday is no exception.

After Arizona Cardinals star Larry Fitzgerald caught the first two touchdown passes of the game for the NFC, the AFC rallied and another Cardinal took his place in the annals of the Pro Bowl.

Rookie cornerback Patrick Peterson picked off a Philip Rivers pass for A.J. Green 44 seconds into the second quarter, tipping the ball to himself with one hand. Fitzgerald came up with two more catches in the quarter to give him four, and with 4:23 left on fourth-and-3, San Francisco punter Andy Lee completed a fake punt pass to Peterson, who made a one-handed catch, to keep a drive alive.

With a combined four touchdowns scored in both the first and second quarters, there wasn't much else in the way of crazy plays. Except when Minnesota defensive end Jared Allen performed a barrel roll just before a snap. Rivers hit Miami's Brandon Marshall for a touchdown pass on the play.

Running backs be damned, the AFC and NFC have combined for 666 passing yards in the first half. There can only be more aerial attacks in the second half as the desire to win becomes greater with bonus money on the line.