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NFL Pro Bowl: AFC Leads 38-35 After Three Quarters, Intensity Starting To Show

It's the NFL Pro Bowl so what did you expect? Defense? Hitting? Effort? Nope, none of that is on display in Hawaii as the top football talent in the world go through the motions and nice friendly game of touch. At least that was the case until things started to heat up late in the third quarter as the AFC looked a little miffed after being punked one too many times on special teams.

The second half started with the AFC kicking the first field goal of the game, a 37-yarder from the big boot of Sebastian "Seabass" Janikowski. The NFC, after throwing a pick on their first possession, answered with a Cam Newton to Steve Smith 55 yard TD pass.

Then things got fun...or something.

The NFC completed their second onside kick of the game because they clearer a) want to win more and b) are making fun of all of us by playing this game like you would play a meaningless game of Madden on your xBox.

Newton couldn't make the "big, ballsy play" stand up, however, as he threw his second pick of the quarter.

The AFC must have been pissed about being punked three times on special teams so they got serious and started running the ball. Running the ball is serious business in a Pro Bowl considering how little effort the line man give in an effort to not damage themselves in a meaningless game that we care about for some reason that we can't really explain.

But then the AFC blew it with AJ Green trying just a little too hard to get a touchdown and instead putting the ball on the turf. Fumble. What a cluster that can probably be blamed on players not tucking their shirts in.

The circus continued as the third quarter started to wind down, Andy Dalton threw the ball up for grabs and two NFC defensive backs ran into each other and tipped the ball of Brandon Marshall's foot, into the air and back down into Marshall's hands as he lay on his back in the end zone. Marshall has three TDs after three quarters of play so bully on him.

The AFC has 528 yards while the NFC has 448 as the final quarter of "action" begins.

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