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Pro Bowl 2012 Score Update:14-14 Tie After 1st Qtr, Arizona Cardinals Involved In Touchdowns

In what is expected in the Pro Bowl, the game looks more or less like what it is -- an exhibition. The defenses are light and the players are out there having fun. After one quarter, the NFC and AFC are tied at 14.

The NFC got off to 14-0 lead when Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals hauled in a 10-yard and a 44-yarder from Aaron Rodgers for touchdowns. The second score came after the NFC went for an onside kick.

Another member of the Arizona Cardinals, rookie cornerback Patrick Peterson was involved in another touchdown. Having made the NFC squad as a kick returner, he was in coverage and got beat by fellow rookie A.J. Green for a TD.

Miami's Brandon Marshall scored the other touchdown in the quarter on a 34-yard play from Ben Roethlisberger.

Safety Adrian Wilson also made a good play in coverage, breaking up a pass intended for Chargers TE Antonio Gates.