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2012 Senior Bowl: Nick Foles Hits Juron Criner For 20-yd TD, North Leads 20-13

In the fourth quarter of the 2012 Senior Bowl, the South All-stars found an Arizona connection. University of Arizona Wildcats quarterback Nick Foles found fellow Wildcat receiver Juron Criner connected with him for a 20-yard touchdown pass. It brought the South within one score, making it a 20-13 score.

Foles was seen as having had a disappointing week of practice, but up until that point in the game had passed pretty well. With the touchdown pass, he was 11/15 for 137 yards and a TD, being the team's leading passer.

Criner at that point in the game was the second leading receiver. He had six catches for 77 yards and the score. about Foles:

Foles looks the part of a N.F.L. quarterback, but his offensive system has limited some of his ability to showcase is N.F.L. talent. He throws pretty well on the run (despite not being an extremely athletic quarterback), he can make all the throws placing good touch on the football though like many quarterbacks he'll miss some throws His ball placement, especially in the short passing game is good, but not on the level of a player like Matt Barkley, and really looks clunky in the pocket. Foles is a prospect who could be considered on par with the non-Cameron Newton 2011 quarterbacks by man.

And about Criner:

Criner hasn't had a terrible season, but he's been passed up by players like Kendall Wright, Nick Toon, and he doesn't offer the same kind of upside as a player like Miami Hurricanes Tommy Streeter. The big issue with Criner seems to be whether or not he is mentally capable of handling the N.F.L., and not in terms of intelligence, but his ability to deal and cope with stress (think Brandon Marshall) and his straight line speed. I have absolutely no insight about Criner's mental capacities, that's just the kind of rumors that are out there, if he interviews well and has a nice combine he could go in the second round, if not he'll probably be a mid third round early fourth round guy because he has a lot of ability and he's the kind of player who can make catches in traffic.

Both are hoping to find themselves playing football on Sundays later this year.