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The Insight Bowl Changing Name, Sponsorship In 2012

The Insight Bowl has provided football fans in Arizona with some great games over the years. With a Big 10 and Big 12 representative usually present, there are usually large, boisterous crowds that gather for the event. While the bowl game will not be leaving Tempe, it will no longer be called the Insight Bowl, according to this report.

"We are grateful to Insight Enterprises for its support and help building the game into a top-tier bowl," said Fiesta Bowl Chairman Duane Woods. "We have enjoyed a long and stable partnership. With our ties to the Big Ten and Big 12 Conferences, an unmatched record of hospitality and a premier location, we believe we have a lot to offer."

What should fans expect to change now that the Insight Bowl will no longer be called the Insight Bowl?

Not a whole lot, honestly. The team merchandise will undoubtably change and some logos in the Tempe area advertising the game will undoubtably be taken down. No changes to the teams eligible for the game are expected and the game will likely continue to be played a few days after the Christmas holiday.

No businesses, local or national, have expressed public interest in sponsoring the game, although I'm sure that will change in the coming months.