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Cardinals Offseason 2012: Chiefs Refusing To Pay Todd Haley, According To Report

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Mike Jurecki of XTRA 910 Sports in Phoenix is reporting that he is "[h]earing" that the Chiefs are "refusing" to pay Todd Haley the remainder of his contract, which suggests that Haley was fired for cause. As in did something detrimental to the team.

The Kansas City Star previously ran a story saying Haley thought the Chiefs tampered with his personal cell phone.

If the Chiefs are refusing to pay the final year of Haley’s contract for cause, the two parties may engage in a grievance. These are issues usually resolved between the coach, team and the league so the process will move somewhere in that direction if it is indeed accurate.

Haley is currently said to be in talks with Arizona Cardinals management about joining the team as some kind of coach for the offense, probably the quarterbacks coach. The Arizona Republic reported that Haley wanted the coordinator's job.

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