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Arizona vs. Oklahoma State: 'Cats Showing Signs Of Life, Trail 27-7

For a team that could have let this game get out of hand early, the Arizona Wildcats have shown a ton of heart to keep the score respectable. After an early deficit of 21-0, Nick Foles has led the team on multiple drives, one of which was capped off with a two-yard touchdown rush up the middle.

It appeared Arizona was going to make a game of it midway through the third quarter; with the Cowboys inside the red zone, Brandon Weeden threw an interception to keep the score at 21-7. After a solid gain on the ground, the Wildcats had a penalty for an illegal substitution, holding, and then a false start on the punt. Oklahoma State then worked the ball down the field and hit Justin Blackmon in the corner of the end zone for his second touchdown of the game.

With 13 minutes left to play, the game is essentially over with Arizona trailing 27-7. Give credit to Mike Stoops' team for not quitting after getting hit in the mouth early; this is a young team that has better days ahead of it. As for tonight, the opponents were simply the better team.