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Conference Realignment: Arizona vs. Oklahoma State Soon A Pac-16 Fixture?

The Arizona Wildcats and Oklahoma St. Cowboys will be meeting for the second time in less than a year. Arizona got curbstomped in San Antonio in the Alamo Bowl the last time the two teams faced, and the Wildcats will be heavy underdogs again on Thursday night.

Probably of greater interest in the long-term outlook--could these two teams be facing each other every year?

If conference realignment does occur, it's looking like a potential possibility. Oklahoma and Oklahoma State have been making overtures to the Pac-12 for sometime now; with Texas A&M departing to the SEC, the Big 12 seems like it's on the point of disintegration. And if Oklahoma and Oklahoma State do decide to leave, the Pac-12 is the likeliest destination for them. 

If the Pac-12 expands, the divisons will have to be divided up. Say it does go to a Pac-16. The divisions would then look something like

Oregon State
Washington State

Arizona State
Oklahoma State
Two other teams yet to be decided

That way you'd have the original Pac-8 teams back together in the same division and the other eight teams bandied together with mainly Big 12 remnants holding down the fort. And Arizona and Oklahoma State would almost certainly be playing each other every year. As much discomfort as it might cause Mike Stoops to play his brother in Norman every year, he may just have to swallow it up and learn to deal.

The big question is what will happen if only the Oklahoma schools join. Will it just be a Pac-14? If so, Arizona is almost certainly ending up with Oklahoma State. The Pacific Division would probably be a little smaller or stay the same, but Arizona would regardless be staying in the Eastern division, and would be readying matchups in Tucson or Stillwater on a yearly basis.

So basically, if Pac-12 expansion happens, Arizona and Oklahoma State will be meeting a lot more. Brace yourselves, in case there is bracing that needs to be done.

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