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Arizona vs. USC: 'Cats Looking To Improve Protection Of Nick Foles

When he has time in the pocket, Nick Foles is able to dominate a game with his big, accurate throwing arm. He can make any throw, hit any receiver in stride, and even can scramble for a few yards from time to time. 

Unfortunately for Foles and the Arizona Wildcats, the quarterback has had anything but protection in the pocket this season and his body has paid for it. As Ryan Finley tells us, UA wants (and needs) to improve their blocking up front:

Foles has been sacked 12 times this season, including 10 times in the last two games, for a loss of 99 yards. He's been hurried at least a dozen more times.

Despite the pounding, Foles - who has refused numerous media requests since last weekend's loss - is expected to be under center when the Wildcats travel to USC on Saturday.

"He's a tough guy, and he leads by example," left tackle Mickey Baucus said. "He's the toughest guy on the field after taking some of those hits."

"Seeing that, it kills me inside," center Kyle Quinn added.

There isn't too much the Wildcats can do other than simply improving their blocking up front. The team already uses a bevy of quick-hits and screen passes in their offensive scheme and they have placed an emphasis on running the ball in recent weeks. Outside of sitting a fullback in the backfield with Foles on every passing play, there isn't too much else that can be done.

Simply put, the offensive line needs to step up this weekend and in every other game this season. Foles' body will not be able to withstand multiple sacks and countless hits on a weekly basis.