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NFL Picks Against The Spread, Week 4: Ravens And Jets Highlight Sunday

Week 4 of the NFL 2011-12 season should start to separate pretenders from the contenders. Then again, it probably won't. In the mean time, Vegas has set the lines and we're going to share our experts picks on the Sunday afternoon, evening and Monday night football picks come on Friday.

You can join our weekly pick 'em game as well (ID: 55411, PW: arizona).  Here's our picks against the spread for the late games (picks for earlier games here):

New York Giants at Arizona Cardinals (+1): Already did this pick here.

Atlanta Falcons at Seattle Seahawks (+5.5): We really have a hard time seeing the Seahawks string two wins together at any point this season. Coming off their big win over Arizona, they are due for a take down in this bird on bird match-up. We're going with the dirty bird over the sea chicken. Pick: Falcons

Denver Broncos at Green Bay Packers (-13): The best team in the NFL against the team who's fans are crying for Tim Tebow. This really couldn't be any easier to pick despite the large spread. Pick: Green Bay

New England Patriots at Oakland Raiders (+5): What are the chances that the Patriots follow up their loss to the Bills with a loss to the Raiders. Tom Brady cut his hair so we know he's taking this one seriously. Pick: Patriots

Miami Dolphins at San Diego Chargers (-7): The Chargers had a tough time putting away the Chiefs and now they get a second chance at pounding a bad team (and covering the spread). Pick: Chargers

New York Jets at Baltimore Ravens (-4): This makes for a great AFC battle on Sunday Night Football. This one is also really tough to call with the Ravens at home and Jets coming off a loss. The result will give us a great idea of the pecking order but it's hard to call. Pick: Ravens

Indianapolis Colts at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-10.5): This is what Monday Night Football has come to? Ugh. Pick: Colts