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NFL Draft 2012 Projections: Nick Foles Projected As Second Round Quarterback

Despite his team not living up to expectations in 2011, Nick Foles has been an excellent quarterback for the Arizona Wildcats through four games. His incredible accuracy combined with strong throwing arm has scouts excited for his chances at the next level and his solid play has Foles currently projected for the second round of the 2012 NFL Draft.

Foles has not thrown an interception through four games despite ranking second in the nation in total passing attempts (183), and he has a strong arm that allows him to get the ball out of his hand in a flash.

The blurb continues:

Foles grades out late in the second round at this point, thanks in large part to his arm talent.

While there is no denying Foles has the arm to make it in the NFL, I have two major concerns, which are also mentioned in the article.

For one, his mobility is almost nonexistent and his pocket presence must improve. When he has protection and is able to step into his throw, you would be hard pressed to find a quarterback better at hitting his receivers in stride. Unfortunately for Foles, his offensive line has not been good this season at Arizona and scouts may shy away from his inability to avoid pressure.

The second major concern is his ability to run a pro-style offense. With the 'Cats using a shotgun formation in nearly 75% of their plays, scouts may have concerns on his ability to line up under-center and make the correct reads when not having four or five targets to throw to.

Regardless of where Nick Foles ends up in the draft next year, he has been great for this program and his accomplishments cannot be overlooked. Keep it up, Sunshine. Your play is one of the few bright spots of this program right now.