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NFL Expert Picks, Week 4: Steelers At Texans Presents Spread Dilemma

Week 4 of the NFL 2011-12 season should start to separate pretenders from the contenders. Then again, it probably won't. In the mean time, Vegas has set the lines and we're going to share our experts picks on the Sunday morning games. Sunday afternoon, evening and Monday night football picks come on Friday. You can join our weekly pick 'em game as well (ID: 55411, PW: arizona).

Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears (-7): The Bears should win this game coming off their beating by Green Bay with a win but seven points is too much against the Cam Newtons. Pick: Panthers

Buffalo Bills at Cincinnati Bengals (+3): Vegas must be expecting some kind of Bills let down by setting this line so low. We're expecting no such let down. Pick: Bills

Tennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns (-1): Browns are at home and Peyton Hillis is due for a big game. Also, we have a rule that we never bet on Matt HasselbeckPick: Browns

Detroit Lions at Dallas Cowboys (-1): Can Tony Romo play another game on one lung? Not against the Lions defensive line. Picks: Lions

Pittsburgh Steelers at Houston Texans (-4): This will be a bellwether game for both teams and is a tough call. Both teams move the ball but can the Texans cover Mike Wallace? No, they can't. Pick: Texans

New Orleans Saints at Jacksonville Jaguars (+7.5): The Jaguars are bad. The Saints are good. Pick: Saints

Minnesota Vikings at Kansas City Chiefs (+2): This is a game full of suck. Flip a coin. On second hand, go with Adrian Peterson, the best player on the field. Pick: Vikings

San Francisco 49ers at Philadelphia Eagles (-7): A lot depends on Michael Vick playing, we assume he won't so are going with the 49ers to cover. Pick: 49ers

Washington Redskins at St. Louis Rams (+1.5): The Rams are not good enough to beat the Redskins and with this slim line it's an easy pick: Pick: Redskins