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NFL Picks, Week 4: Where We Picked The Bills Right And Jets Wrong; Plus Cardinals Vs. Giants

It was a bit of a typical NFL week with a couple of upsets but nothing completely out of whack. Of course, Vegas had accounted for all that with their tight lines which made picking against the spread a tough business. Before we move forward with our Week 4 expert picks, we'll take a look back at how we did last week. It's our nod to the quint notion of accountability.

For the week, our experts got seven out of 16 picks right which isn't exactly stellar but puts us in second place in our weekly pick 'em contest that you can join at any time (ID: 55411, PW: arizona). We also got two of three locks right, so there.

The big winner pick was the Buffalo Bills over the New England Patriots which we had as one of our locks of the week. We missed on the Detroit Lions over the Minnesota Vikings but only by half of a point. We also correctly called Cam Newton's first Carolina Panthers win over Jacksonville. 

Our worst pick, aside from Cardinals losing to the Seahawks, was picking the Jets on the road in Oakland. The Jets are a ridiculously inconsistent team and if we could exclude them from our weekly picks, we would. But we can't, so we won't. Just don't bet any real money on them!

We'll jump into our expert picks for the rest of Week 4 at a later time, but will go ahead and get the local team out of the way now. Since it's only Wednesday, we do reserve the right to come back to this game if any big injury news shows up.

New York Giants at Arizona Cardinals (+1): The line of this game actually ranges from Giants -3 to Arizona +1 which is a pretty big spread between the various lines. We'll see if that stabilizes later in the week as the injury status of Beanie Wells is more clear (which it should be). 

As the tight lines indicate, this game is basically a toss up and that's understandable. The Giants are coming off a big road win against their division rivals (Philadelphia Eagles) and could be in for a let down. The Cardinals are coming off a big loss to their division rivals (Seattle Seahawks) and should be kind of desperate and are playing at home where they are pretty decent. On the other hand, the Cardinals have had holes on boths sides of the ball exposed and Eli Manning is in the midst of a great run of play. We'll got with desperation over talent. Pick: Cardinals