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NFL Week 2 Picks Against The Spread: Michael Vick Vs. The ATL

We've shared our NFC West and upset and game of the week picks against the spread. We examined the lines for the NFL Week 2 Sunday morning games. And we've asked you join our Pick 'Em league: (ID: 55411, PW: arizona). Now we wrap up our NFL picks for Week 2 with three afternoon games that slipped through the cracks. Two of them are quite forgettable but the final game could be the third best contest of the week.

Cincinnati Bengals at Denver Broncos (-3.5): Bleh. We don't recommend watching this game unless you absolutely have to. But since at some point you will have to pick a winner and try and beat the Vegas spread, we can't fully ignore it. The Bengals defense is fairly decent and they did beat the Browns last week while the Broncos are pretty pathetic in all parts of their game. But Denver is at home and Cincy isn't exactly a great team so we have to go with the Broncos but we wouldn't bet our own money on this one. Pick: Broncos

Houston Texans at Miami Dolphins (+3): The Texans pounded the Colts in Week 1 and some people think they are for realz. We don't. But then again, the Dolphins aren't exactly anything to write home about. Miami did put up big numbers against the Patriots in their loss last week. For no other reason than the Texan defense might be half-way decent. Pick: Texans

Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons (+3): This is the game you don't want to miss. Michael Vick returning to Atlanta is a fun side story, but the real fun here is two highly touted teams battling it. Both had their issues last week but the Eagles had an easier match up so they won while the Falcons faced a tougher Bears opponent. Given the results from last week, Atlanta is the underdog at home but we think they'll bounce back and expose the Eagles offensive line. Pick Falcons