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NFL Picks Against The Spread: Locks For Sunday Morning Games

It's not like we are claiming to know more than the odds makers in Vegas who set these attractive lines for the NFL Week 2 games. But that won't stop us from sharing our picks against the spread just to see how good we are and because you folks obviously spend a lot of time interested in trying to get every last bit of information you can before making your bets.

Here's our picks for the Sunday, Week 2 NFL games starting at 1:00 p.m. ET / 10:00 a.m. PT. These, obviously, don't include the games we've already picked. Don't forget that you can also play along with our weekly Pick 'Em league: (ID: 55411, PW: arizona). Lock it down, here we go.

Oakland Raiders at Buffalo Bills (-3.5): The Bills dismantled the Chiefs in Week 1 while the Raiders took care of the Broncos. Now we get to find out which of these two teams benefited from a really crappy opponent and which one is legit. Actually, on second thought, this game isn't going to answer that question at all. Picking against the Raiders on the road is usually a safe way to go and between the two, if we have to pick, we'll go with the Bills as being more "for real" than the Raiders. Pick: Bills

Kansas City Chiefs at Detroit Lions (-8.5): The Chiefs were in the playoffs last year and the Lions won six games. Yet here we are with the Lions a huge favorite. This proves, again, how fast things can change in the NFL. The spread is a daunting but we just don't see how Kansas City is able to run the ball against that Detroit defense. Pick: Lions

Cleveland Browns at Indianapolis Colts (+3): Speaking of how fast things can change, how about the Colts a three point dog AT HOME against the BROWNS. This one is basically a push but we're going to bet on pride and go with the Colts to win. Pick: Colts

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Minnesota Vikings (-3): Yuck. Don't watch this game unless you have to. Donovon McNabb has no business collecting an NFL paycheck which make it all the more surprising to see them favored over the Bucs. Tampa isn't as bad as they looked in Week 1 and will bounce back. Pick: Buccaneers

Chicago Bears at New Orleans Saints (-7): This is probably the most intriguing game of the morning. The Bears started hot last year which got them enough wins to make the playoffs. Can they do it again on the road against the Saints? Not likely. But, we do think the line is a bit too high. Pick: Bears

Jacksonville Jaguars at New York Jets (-9): I don't blame you if you forgot the Jaguars were still in the NFL. The Jets very well could forget too and have a let down game at home. Rex Ryan might be a hoot but he's also horrible at getting his team ready for this trap games. We could see the Jets needing some kind of late fluke to win a close game they should run away with. Where have we seen that before? Pick: Jaguars

Baltimore Ravens at Tennessee Titans (+6.5): This will be an interesting game. The Ravens really need to build on their Week 1 thumping of the Steelers and the Titans desperately need to convince their poor fans not to flee in panic. This is a tough game to call at 6.5 points but we'll go with quality over desperation: Pick: Ravens