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Arizona Cardinals First Depth Chart Holds A Couple Of Shockers

The Arizona Cardinals released their first official depth chart of the 2011 NFL season. Before we tell you all the shocking and surprising things it holds, let us remind everyone who little this chart means.

First off, it's the first one. In other words, it's to early to freak out that Early Doucet is the number three receiver and not number two. Next off, it's early and as coach Ken Whisenhunt likes to say, there's competition at every position (although he did concede that Larry Fitzgerald is probably secure in his role).

"When you go 5-11 you shouldn't be comfortable (with your spot)," Whiz said on Tuesday.

We certainly are not comfortable with our spot and by the looks of this depth chart there's some players who shouldn't be as well. Take, for example, O'Brien Schofiel who came to camp with a new hair do but is on the bench behind veteran Joey Porter who had a horrible season in 2010.

Another big surprise that can't be blamed on 2010 is ILB Stewart Bradley who is listed behind Paris Lenon. Bradley was one of the bigger free agent signings in the offseason and perhaps is being given more time before sliding into the starting role.

Revenge of the Birds thinks that's all part of Whisenhunt's Grand Plan:

Arizona Cardinals Depth Chart Out: Whisenhunt Philosophy Intact - Revenge of the Birds
If there is one trend to be noticed, it is the philosophy that Ken Whisenhunt and his coaching staff believe when it comes to the depth chart -- with rare exception, no one is given a starting job. It must be earned.

Other examples there include free agent acquisitions CB Richard Marshall on the third string and WR Chansi Stuckey buried with the fourth string. It should also be noted that those guys only took the field for the first time on Thursday. We'll see if they don't move up over the next few weeks.