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Adrian Wilson Denies Report From Head Coach, Claims Bicep Is Not Torn

Adrian Wilson recently talked with reporters and had a few interesting things to say. The most substantial and interesting quote to come out of the veteran safety?

According to this article:

When asked specifics about the tear: "Who said I had a tear? These are false reports, man. What are you all talking about? I'm just hurt. These reports are outlandish."

This would refute what head coach Ken Whisenhunt said at the beginning of his press conference Monday:

"Since I can pretty much guess what the first question's going to be, I'll just start with that. Adrian has a torn bicep tendon."

Wilson was just being Wilson, of course.

This is the same guy who spent last season denying he was hurt but ended up having surgery in the offseason to repair a torn labrum in his hip. This is the guy who just a few days before this injury told us how he doesn't talk about being hurt.

In A-Dub's mind, there's no such thing as a torn tendon, "I think I've got two options," Wilson said after the afternoon practice. "I can either get busy living, or get busy dying." 

We don't know if Adrian will be ready by season-opener on September 11, but we do know that no one will work harder in rehab to get back. As Whisenhunt said Monday, he'd play with one arm gone if he could.