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Arizona Cardinals Injury Rumors: Adrian Wilson Will Not Need Surgery

Adrian Wilson of the Arizona Cardinals looked like he could've been in deep trouble after suffering a hit to the right elbow on Saturday. The injury was serious enough to the safety that it required an MRI. Usually an injury to that location could mean a break or a tear, the later which could've meant surgery and thus many weeks off from playing football. This appears to not be the case.

John Clayton of ESPN tweeted that Wilson will not need surgery on either his bicep or elbow, although no official report will come out until Monday (which is why this is still a rumor). Non-surgical rehab is looking more likely according to multiple sources. Wilson is one of the toughest characters in the league, and it's no surprise that he will be able to return to action as soon as he possibly can. Matt Ware was signed though, so Wilson might still be out for some time.

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