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Uncovering The Dodgers Rookie Secret, Nathan Eovaldi

Gamesmanship is every bit a part of major league baseball. The Los Angeles Dodgers and the Arizona Diamondbacks are no exception. They don't like to share information. This is why players cover their mouths with their glove when they talk to one another on the field. It's why game plans are not revealed.

Saturday's game between the Dodgers and Diamondbacks marks the major league debut for right-hander Nathan Eovaldi, recently called up by Los Angeles from AA. Both Dodgers manager Don Mattingly and D-Backs manager Kirk Gibson were unwilling to share much about the young starter. 

Mattingly on Friday was willing to tell the media that he is a pitcher who is right-handed. On Saturday, when asked to share what the team knows about Eovaldi, Gibson simply said he has "a live arm." He was unwilling to share any details of how his team would approach him.

Instead of waiting, I dug up a scouting report on him. Here is some of the description:


  • Excellent size; Eovaldi looked closer to 210 lbs. than his listed weight of 195
  • Well-proportioned frame; Size through the quads and shoulders; Athletic pitcher's frame
  • Fluid delivery with good pacing; Generates easy velocity
  • High 3/4 arm slot; Limits movement on his fastball
  • 94-96 MPH 4-seam fastball
  • 4-seamer lacked movement; Worked pitch in-and-out effectively
  • Maintained velocity throughout the start; Still touching 95 MPH in the 5th
  • 91-92 MPH 2-seam fastball; Some arm side run
  • 84 MPH slider; Best breaking ball; Used as out pitch
  • Pitch featured late cut; Depth improved throughout the course of the game
  • 78 MPH curveball; Threw sparingly; One CB was thrown behind RHH to backstop; Below average offering
  • 83-84 MPH Changeup; Threw sparingly; Slowed arm action


Here is some video:

Traditionally, Arizona has struggled against young unknown pitchers. However, this team is a little different than in years past. That has not seemed to be the case this year. Hopefully, they can get the bats going early and keep the youngster from getting comfortable. 

If so, Arizona could be looking at the division from above everyone in the morning.