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Cardinals Safety Adrian Wilson To Get MRI On Right Elbow

Safety Adrian Wilson will get an MRI on his right elbow after suffering a hit during Saturday's practice. Following the hit, the 31-year-old Wilson was on all fours and had trouble standing up. He eventually did rise, however, and watched the rest of the practice from the sidelines while icing his elbow.

The 11-year veteran is a central part of the Cardinals' defense and his absence will surely be felt if he misses time. In addition to performing on the field, Wilson has spent a lot of time during training camp and pre-training camp serving as a mentor to several young defensive players. Any time missed would hinder not only his own progress but possibly the progress of several younger players as well.

Wilson has played in every single game the past two seasons. This, however, does not mean that Wilson has been injury-free. Rather, it goes to show that Wilson is very tough and resilient. Last season he battled through a hip abductor injury that was more serious than anyone on the Cardinals' staff realized. He played out the season and then had offseason injury.

Wilson's philosophy seems to be that playing through injuries shows one's teammates just how dedicated one is to them and to the team as a whole. Expect Wilson to fight this injury the same way he fought that hip abductor last season.