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Cardinals Training Camp: Kolb Clicking With Receivers, Defense Stifling Against The Run

The Arizona Cardinals are well into training camp, with the full team (recently signed free agents included) practicing for the third straight day. Overall, the Cardinals' pass offense looked pretty good while the team's defense managed to produce interceptions on poor throws and suffocate the running game.

The connection between quarterback Kevin Kolb and wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald continues to grow. Kolb looked for his favorite target often, even with multiple defenders hanging off of the ever-dangerous Fitzgerald. Though Kolb did throw a few interceptions against the increased pressure, several times Fitzgerald came down with the ball regardless. One of the best highlights of the day came from a 40-yard bomb from Kolb that Fitzgerald caught over-his-head in the endzone.

The Cardinals' tight ends had a good day as well. Kolb found Todd Heap several times for critical gains, including a 25-yard play-action conversion and a couple of third-down conversions. The crowd, it seems, has taken to the Arizona native. Every big gain was greeted with a warm chant of "HEEEAP!" The veteran tight end seems to be enjoying everything too. Asked about his thoughts on practice after it ended, Heap said, "This is just great. I'm loving it." 

Meanwhile, quarterback Max Hall has started developing quite the connection with rookie tight end Rob Housler. During one series, Hall found Housler twice as he led the offense down the field, concluding with an 11-yard touchdown strike to the young tight end.

The defense was stifling against the run as running backs Beanie Wells and Ryan Williams had a tough time finding gaps. Defenders swarmed around the middle of the field and prevented big gains. The two backs, however, did an adequate job of gaining short yardage and continuing to move the chains.

The Cardinals will continue to practice as the season approaches. The team's first preseason match-up will be held on August 11th at the Oakland Raiders.