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Arizona Basketball Recruiting: Kaleb Tarczewski Down To UA, Kansas

Kaleb Tarczewski is one of the best big men in the class of 2012. Arizona already has one of the best recruiting classes in the nation lined up for 2012. Will Tarczewski be adding to that stellar class? What was originally seen as a long-shot is now no longer as farfetched as before and could become a legit possibility.

Many believed Tarczewski and Kansas were an inevitable match and it was only a matter of time before the two joined up. He has visited their campus many times and KU was one of the first programs to recruit the center out of New Hampshire. Sean Miller has made a late push, though, and the Wildcats are right in the middle of Tarczewski's recruitment. of the Coast2Coast Hoops network recently caught up with the 2012 big man and gave us a great interview. Here are some of the highlights:

Tarczewski is taking his time because he understands what a big decision choosing a college is.

"I want to be comfortable with the coaches and players and go to a place that maximizes my potential," said Tarczewski. "You only get to go to college once and I want to have a good time and get better on and off the court."

Tarczewski certainly thinks that could happen at Arizona.

"Arizona is a fun place, definitely different than New Hampshire," said Tarczewski. "It'd be nice to change things up for a few years. They have great players on the team, and great coaches. Coach Miller is a great coach and I had a really good visit there."

The article continues...

While Arizona continues to impress, Tarczewski has not forgotten about Kansas. But just because he liked Kansas in the past doesn't necessarily mean it's the best place for him moving forward.

"Kansas' track record with bigs speaks for itself," Tarczewski said. "It's definitely a factor that Kansas has recruited me for two years and were one of the first big schools to offer me but it's all going to come down to where I feel most comfortable at. "

That comfort level starts at the top, with head coach Sean Miller.

"Coach Miller has told me all about the school and that he is devoted to his players," said Tarczewski. "He's just like us and that's really important to me if I go that far from home. That's what draws me to him."

Landing Tarczewski would be absolutely huge for Sean Miller and Arizona, not to mention it would be a huge blow to Kansas' recruiting efforts. That's always nice. 

Grant Jerrett and Gabe York have already committed for the 2012 class. Brandon Ashley is rumored to have Arizona towards the top of his list and Miller desperately wants him. Those three along with Tarczewski would undoubtably be the top-class in the nation and mayhem would ensue across Tucson. Nothing is a done deal, but the article ends with this:

Anyone following the Kaleb Tarczewski recruitment should know that it's a two horse race between Arizona and Kansas. Anything else you read is false. Tarczewski will make his decision in the next few weeks, and we suggest fans do not believe that Kansas is the favorite.

Bear Down.