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Cardinals Backup Quarterback Not An Issue For Whisenhunt

Yes, it is way to soon to start making any decisions about which of the three quarterbacks that have practiced during the first week of Arizona Cardinals' training camp will emerge as the number two guy behind Kevin Kolb. The consensus from observers and outsiders I talk to is that John Skelton will get the nod but head coach Ken Whisenhunt is far from ready to call this race over.

"They're going to be judged more about what they do over the course of the time instead of one week of practice. I've been very pleased with all three of them," Whisenhunt said at his mid-day press conference on Thursday.

The three candidates -- Skelton along with Max Hall and Richard Bartel -- were able to take advantage of the first five days without Kolb. They got more reps while Kolb was prohibited from practicing then they will see moving forward now that Kolb, along with the 23 other veteran free agents, can begin practicing with the team.

Whisenhunt might not be willing to share his candid thoughts on their performance so far, but it's foolish not to think one of them holds a current lead.

In the mean time, Whisenhunt expressed only his pleasure with all three, "I've been very please with how all three of them have handled it. They've looked good at times and they've made their share of mistakes, which you expect."

And while he understandably wouldn't handicap the race this early, Whisenhunt was willing to share his thoughts on the eventual outcomes, "I don't think we're going to have any issue with the guy that's going to be the backup, that's for sure."

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