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Kara Braxton Suspension Due To Attitude Issues And 'Mouthing Off', Sources Report

Kara Braxton is a very talent player but her career has been marred at times with a variety of issues related to her attitude and motivation. Fans in Detroit would be quick to point out these issues and it seems like they've surfaced in the Phoenix Mercury locker room now too.

The Mercury announced a one-game suspension for Braxton which was served during Tuesday's game in Minnesota. We've now learned from sources close to the situation that the reason for the suspension was Braxton's response to criticism from Coach Corey Gaines regarding her lackadaisical play in games both before and after the All-Star break.

Braxton was said to have "mouthed off" to Gaines and in the locker room which prompted the suspension.

The Mercury are eyeing another championship run and good chemistry is an important part of that. The team has lost four of their last five games after going on a 10-1 stretch of championship-level play. 

The Mercury elected not to respond or comment on the details of this story.