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Arizona Wildcats Football: Jonathan McKnight Out For Season With Knee Injury

The Arizona Wildcats secondary just cannot catch a break this summer.

Actually, maybe they are catching too many "breaks". The injuries just keep on piling up with the projected starters.

The latest to be injured? Cornerback Jonathan McKnight, who has impressed many in camp. Reporter Anthony Gimino of The Tucson Citizen has the update on Twitter:

Starting CB Jonathan Mcknight tore ACL on Wed., out for year. Shaq Richardson is new starter. #arizonawildcats

For a secondary that has already seen projected starting safety Adam Hall go down to injury, this is just another kick while the team is down. McKnight was undoubtably the most impressive corner in camp and a breakout season could have happened this year.

Shaquille Richardson will take over the starting position for the time being. The sophomore once attended UCLA, but was kicked off the team after being arrested for the theft of a classmates bag. He then transferred to Arizona and will need to step up immediately. He played well in limited action last season.

Maybe it just wasn't meant to be in 2011, folks. Short of Nick Foles turning into Peyton Manning 2.0, it appears the upcoming season is going to be a rough one.