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Arizona Cardinals Hit The Field; RB Alfonso Smith Discusses Opportunity

The Arizona Cardinals returned to the practice field on Monday for a fairly quick session that started around 4:00 p.m. and ended after about 90 minutes. The focus seemed to be on two-minute drill, high-tempo offense as well as blitz reads and hot routes. Both Kevin Kolb and Rich Bartel seemed to complete many nice passes with pressure coming. Larry Fitzgerald had at least three note-worthy catches, but by now that's not really news.

The injury bug seems to have struck the quarter back position with John Skelton in a walking boot for his ankle sprain suffered in the Green Bay game and Max Hall leaving the field with an apparent shoulder injury suffered after a fall. Details on Hall's status will be available on Tuesday.

Alfonso Smith ready for the opportunity

With rookie running back Ryan Williams down for the season, the spotlight now falls on undrafted free agent Alfonso Smith. Smith was with the team in camp last summer and on the practice squad during the season.

Smith said that he's been in this position before both in high school and college so he knows what it's like to take over for an injury player ahead of him in the depth chart. In college however, he felt he didn't take advantage of the situation and as a result didn't get enough carries and therefore wasn't drafted. 

Alfonso has no intention of letting that happen again, "This is a dream come true. I'm going to come out here and work because this is for me, this is definitely for my family and my future so I've got to seize the opportunity."

Smith says he's improved since last year and has a better grasp of the offense and knows the playbook which allows him to play faster. He's done well in pass protection which is important and he's very focused on making each play count. 

He described himself as a "straight line and speed guy" who's trying to become more shifty and a better all around back.

It's clear from coach Ken Whisenhunt's comments that Smith is going to get plenty of opportunities to prove he's capable of playing behind Beanie Wells. As Smith said, it's up to him to make the most of this chance.

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