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Brandon Ashley Top 4: Arizona, Kentucky, Oregon, UCLA

Brandon Ashley is getting situated at the basketball factory school of Findlay Prep in Henderson, Nevada. But he might be committing long before he gets a chance to play with them. Ashley had situated a top 7 a few weeks ago, and now he's trimmed that list even further.

Ashley told Ryan Greene of the Las Vegas Sun his final four schools.

  • Arizona Wildcats: Long considered the favorites. Sean Miller identified the Bay Area early in the recruiting process, and Ashley is perhaps the most coveted of all those players. He would give Arizona an instant impact big who could dominate the Pac-12 for a year or two, like Derrick Williams did last season.
  • Kentucky Wildcats: Never count out John Calipari. Although his speciality is with sending point guards to the league, Calipari can point to DeMarcus Cousins as well as a big man talent that he's brought up to the next level. It's really tempting to play for Kentucky, even if the competition for playing time would be fiercer.
  • Oregon Ducks: They're a wild card in this race, but Ashley seems interested at the thought of rebuilding the program and becoming the anchor for a new age of Oregon basketball. Don't count them out.
  • UCLA Bruins: Surprisingly, UCLA might be the dark horse in this race. Ashley does seem deferential toward the Bruins, but they are not mentioned as much as the first three teams. But they're on the final cut, so they're not out of it yet.

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